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There is a difference between Advertising and Marketing...

"Advertising is luck, marketing is skill"

At Calnan Property our agents are trained to understand the difference between placing an ad online and waiting for the perfect buyer to come along vs a laser marketing approach. 

While we're dealing with properties in a salubrious bracket of the market we know that home sellers in this caliber are perhaps the greatest target of over advertising homes. Real estate agents can be so convincing that even home sellers in the multi million dollar bracket can get caught up in this web of unnecessary spending. 

Given that the home is an emotional commodity it's easy to get caught up in all the bells and whistles that real estate agents have to offer.  There is a plethora of real estate advertising these days that home sellers can implore to sell their home. LED board signs, multiple websites, social media, the list is endless. 

But as we know in marketing more money should be allocated where results are seen. 

In Australia we have a very unique oligopoly of real estate platforms. There are two main players.

So here's some things to consider when advertising your property:

  • Only 53% of buyers get to the second page on the #1 portal. (Think of google, most consumers can't be bothered scrolling through pages).

  • Algorithms, love them or despise them. It's a reality that they have changed the way we do business as consumers. If an agent isn't using them to sell their product they're not moving with the times. 

  • Differentiate or die. These days real estate agents in W.A are looking increasingly more and more similar. It's very important that they support a point of difference. Working as a team collectively is something not many real estate office practice and therefore doesn't result in the highest possible price someone may be prepared to pay. 

These days your home isn't kept a secret. You don't get a second chance at a first impression and these major portals are the dating sites for your home. You wouldn't use your least flattering photographs. 




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