Stefan Mare

Property Manager

About me

Property Manager Stefan Mare has been a part of the Calnan Property team since 2015. He began his real estate career as a Personal Assistant while studying Architecture at UWA. With his eye for detail and meticulous attention, Stefan quickly learnt the ropes of the real estate world and left architecture for the organised structure of property management.

As Calnan Property’s Trust Accountant and Property Manager, Stefan prides himself on client satisfaction with every encounter, earning 5 star reviews with each interaction! With an unmarred reputation for quality service, clear communication and timely responses, he continues to gain recognition for his professionalism and strategic solutions. Stefan is known for his systematic techniques and thoughtfulness as he navigates between managing both books and client accounts. Driven by initiative and fueled by exceeding expectations, Stefan’s scrupulous character and organised approach makes him an esteemed Property Manager at Calnan with both homeowners and tenants.

An avid traveller, you name the country and it’s more than likely Stefan has been there! When he’s not exploring the world, Stefan can be found watching documentaries at home, out with friends or finding household projects that are in need of his interior decorating skills.